Red Earth Delivers.

OUR PROPRIETARY LEAD GEN PROGRAM defines your exact “look-alike” audience and effectively targets and approaches them with creative opportunities that encourage registration and engagement.

Once leads are captured, our nurture campaign strategies and assets consistently feed information and opportunities to the digital customer with the ultimate goal of engagement and site visitation.


Red Earth finds
your next buyer.

The Red Earth Method

Quality leads. High engagement. All yours.

OUR TEAM DELIVERS your digital image for influencing interest and engagement. Then with specific E-Blast content we nurture the leads to influence engagement. Leads are 100% retained and owned by your company.

we identify ‘who,’ & hit them with their ‘why’

We define your “buyer profile” and create a unique algorithm to appeal to and attract those specific buyer registrations. We study and understand your buyer so we can hit them with all the right why’s that speak to their desires.
The result: major engagement and response.

Your brand message, right to their inbox:

  • Our team creates 4 unique, engaging E-Blasts designed for all viewing platforms (iPhone, iPad, desktop).
  • Individual hyperlinks encourage interaction and allow us to track, capture and work leads as they engage.

Following the lead across all platforms

We create eye-catching digital ads that reflect your brand and message. Leads will see your brand message via multiple online environments as they go about their daily business. Visually appealing and on-message, these dynamic ads fuel a lead’s interest and increase engagement.

Robust Data

Registrations include name, email and phone numbers. You won’t get incomplete, irrelevent data. You’ll be able to follow up with these quality leads via multiple channels, from day one.

Daily Needs

Leads are electronically delivered daily to team members as they are obtained.