Created, trained, deployed.

RED EARTH creates, trains and coaches the finest sales teams in the industry. Each team is specifically and purposely recruited for the unique selling environment of our client. From production building communities in major metropolitan markets to private club communities on beaches or mountaintops, our teams are equipped with the specific resources, skills and assets to maximize profitability and increased absorption.

Centralized Focus Sales

where every team member is a master.

Whether our team represents one builder or operates via a central sales office, our goals and focus on the mission remain constant. Our teams FOCUS on the singular objective of representing the builders in that community only.

No cross-selling, no outside listings, no distractions. Our focused environments enable our teams to be masters, to be “mayors”…to be specialists.

The Playbook:

Our step-by-step game plan for success.

Nothing is left to chance with our teams. Our PLAYBOOK and franchise documents outlines not just policies and procedures, but the specific strategies of the required story-telling, and emotion elevating strategies that are required to influence the customer decision making process.


Reporting and measuring in real time.

Our proprietary reporting dashboards allow for all involved to see all metrics relating to decision making. We have an insatiable appetite to know everything about our team’s activities, customers’ habits and budget and strategy performance. Our industry leading reports, scoreboards and dashboards do just that. Weekly distributed and remotely updated in our sales offices.

Central Sales Training:

Real world. World-class. Major results.

Your team is our team.

Team members can participate in a variety of high-quality, proven training via:
• Weekly video conference calls
• Annual events
• Pod-Cast and Video Training Library specific to our teams and industry